Plasticware Products

Labs frequently use Plasticware Items to evaluate the germination of seeds. All types of plants thrive in our lightweight plastic pots. These pots are strong and unbreakable under very high pressure since they are made from virgin plastic of the highest grade. These Plastic Pots are supplied to our customers at the best prices in the market and come in a variety of sizes and circular shapes. For the purpose of assessing seed germination, plastic Petri dishes are created with a tight lid to preserve moisture. The dish is shatter-proof, and the necessary filter paper is also included. This Plastic Petri Dish is available to our customers at market-beating prices and in a variety of sizes to suit their needs.

Plastic Petri Dish

Plastic Petri Dish is widely used in labs to test seed germination. This dish is made with tight lid to retain moisture specifically made for the seed germination testing. The dish is breakage resistant and the filter paper needed are also provided. Offered at market leading rates, our customers can get this Plastic Petri Dish in different sizes as per their requirements. 

Plastic Pots

Our light weight Plastic Pots are ideal for all kind of plants. Made from premium quality virgin plastic, these pots are rigid and are unbreakable at very high pressure. Available in round shape in different sizes, these Plastic Pots are offered to our customers at market leading rates.


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